Indian-Slovenian Friendship Association (ISFA)
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ISFA was registered on 25th February 1998. The goals of ISFA are, inter alia, to increase the awareness among Slovenian citizens about the universal wisdom and beauty expressed through Indian culture, about its value and use in the modern world. Thus, the Association organizes various events independently or in cooperation with other organizations focusing on Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu, Jotish, music concerts, dance performances, etc. The Association's activity is to help connect the Indian and Slovenian people.

More than a hundred members, mostly Slovenian and some Indian, are registered at ISFA. Financing of ISFA is mainly based on donations; however its activity is based on voluntary and nonprofit work.

The seat of the organization is in a private apartment of the ISFA President, all meetings are held in the business office owned by the President. It is an informal Association where friendly atmosphere and positive attitude are essential for gatherings.

President: Mr. Jure Pogačnik

Members: Mr. Igor Mrak, Mr. Žiga Vraničar, Mrs. Nataša šivic, Ms. špela Pogačnik, Ms. Sabina Weiss

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